D-Crew Board

D-Crew Board

Join the D-Crew Committee for the ultimate college experience! We are always accepting applications. If you love Dixie, have enthusiasm, and love having fun then this is for you!

Dixie has many long lasting traditions in which promote school spirit and unity. The D-Crew helps uphold these traditions and makes sure that they carry on for many years to come and provides leadership opportunities!

One of the main responsibilities of the D-Crew committee is to support student athletes and all athletic sporting events. ​Each committee member represents a sport and helps promote athletic games and creating game-day atmosphere.

Some of the responsibilities are helping with:

  • tailgate parties before every home football game
  • the pre-game rush each week of a home basketball game
  • organization/implementation of the traditional whiteout basketball game
  • dorm storms – passing out flyers for
  • upcoming events/games
  • encouraging attendance to all sporting events
  • having the best experiences at DSU
  • be apart of semester parties
  • & other awesome opportunities with D-Crew will offer your college experience.

Scholarship opportunities are available for some D-Crew positions. Scholarships are awarded by

the DSU Alumni Association Board and applicants go through an interview process. If you don’t have as much time to commit but would love to help, let us know! We’d love to help you get involved!

Download an application below or for more information stop by the Dixie State University Alumni House 684 E. 500 S., St. George, UT 84770. 435-652-7535

Download a D-Crew Application

D-Crew Board Positions

President – (6 Hours per week) – The President is enthusiastic, has a strong love for Dixie, and is the face of D-Crew. Getting students involved should always be at the forefront of the Presidents mind. Holding events that will promote this goal is essential. The D-Crew President is responsible for seeking out sponsorships for following school years. This begins in the spring semester and carries over the summer in preparation for the next school year. It is the President’s responsibility to have the D-Crew car, clean and presentable, to appropriate events. The President identifies ways D-Crew can “give-back” to the sponsors to increase continuous support; meaning setting up opportunities and deals to benefit members, but also to benefit sponsors and building relationships. They work closely with the Vice Presidents to make sure the D-Crew succeeds. Also attends the SAA weekly meetings to coordinate efforts of how SAA can work together to assist D-Crew.

Vice President – (6 Hours per week) – The Vice President primary focus is on increasing D-Crew membership growth and involvement. This growth needs to happen consistently throughout the school year and provide fun, creative opportunities for members to interact with student athletes. Involvement is important to allow D-Crew to keep its proper image of fun and involvement. It is important to be creative, and find ways that will not only increase school spirit and student involvement, but to help D-Crew be visible on campus every week to reach those goals. Communication between the D-Crew Presidency and the D-Crew Board and committee goes through the VP to ensure all messages are clear. The VP is responsible for ensuring D-Crew support at athletic events and sends out mass text messages and emails to all D-Crew members in advance. Also attends the SAA weekly meetings to coordinate efforts of how SAA can work together to assist D-Crew.

D-Crew Board Member (2 hours per week) – Each board member is assigned a specific task to be responsible for. This includes planning D-Crew events, assists D-Crew Presidency in implication of events such as tailgate parties (football season), pre-game rush (basketball season) & other tasks as assigned. Attends the weekly correlation meetings.

D-Crew Committee Member – No time commitment. This allows those who would like to be involved the chance to have a good college experience. This includes helping with preparations for events, and helping execute event plans as directed by the D-Crew presidency.