Alumni Card & Benefits

You are a member of the Dixie State University Alumni Association if you have graduated from DSU, or have completed a minimum of 12 credit hours. Membership is free. You join a constituency of more than 40,000 who are having a positive impact in our local community, nation, and the world.

With your alumni membership comes a range of benefits that will help you find a job, campus discounts, group insurances, and more.

As you have completed your educational goals thus far, we are grateful for your contribution to DSU. To show our appreciation as a member of the Dixie State University Alumni Association, you will receive access to Dixie Deals and a digital alumni card!

By registering with your info and registration code DSUALUM. For deals on campus, use your digital DSU Alumni Card. Your digital DSU Alumni Card can be accessed by downloading the Dixie State Traditions App and logging in with your last name and email on file.


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With Dixie Deals online and your digital alumni card, you can receive discounts from businesses in the community and access to all types of DSU Campus events, Campus store discounts, and much more.


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