Frequently Asked Questions (Finale)

DGT 2016 Finalist Frequently Asked Questions

What is the date and time of the show?

January 19th 2017- Show time is 7:30 pm, but all contestants must be there for stage rehearsal beginning at 2:45(*see below) and then again at 6:00 pm to rehearse the curtain call and Finale.

When should my family and friends arrive?

If they have picked up their tickets ahead of time, or printed them at home, then arrive no later than 7:15pm. If they need to pick up tickets before the show, they should arrive at 7:00pm, as the will call line is quite long, and the show will begin promptly at 7:30pm!

Will there be a training workshop prior to the show?

Yes. It will be held on November 28, 2016 at 5:30 pm in Conference Room B of the Gardner Center at Dixie State University, led by the show producer, Del Beatty. It is very important that all acts who’ve made it to the final round be in attendance – or send a representative in your place. The easiest place to park will be in front of the Student Activity Center (corner of 300 South and 700 East). There will be a DGT sign on the room door (main floor) for you to identify.
These subjects will be covered:

  • Production hints
  • Suggestions for costuming & staging
  • Explanation of Sound Check and Technical rehearsal procedures
  • Examples of good music editing
  • Review of final scoring and voting procedures
  • General judges feedback to this point
  • Review stage dimensions
  • Review rules for props or set pieces, mics and sound

What is my time commitment on Show day?

You will be required to come to the Cox auditorium, on DSU campus, the day of the show, January 21st, at the following time for a stage, sound, technician and lighting rehearsal.

Contestant Check-in Time Stage Rehersal
Jayden Wright 2:45pm


Sunday Best Jazz Band 2:45pm


Gem and Sam 3:00pm 3:16pm
Amber Haws 3:00pm 3:24pm
Marlie Root 3:15pm 3:32pm
Connor and Dale 3:15pm 3:40pm
Sarah Birch 3:30pm 3:48pm
Jason Johnson 3:30pm 3:56pm
Carson Drawe 3:45pm 4:04pm
Kolton Young 3:45pm 4:12pm
Ivan Odom 4:00pm 4:20pm
Haven Sunderlund 4:00pm 4:28pm
Eminence 4:15pm 4:36pm
Nate and Mallory 4:15pm 4:44pm
Autumn Best 4:30pm 4:52pm
Meg M. Nelson 4:30pm 5:00pm
Ayla VanLehn 4:45pm 5:08pm
Liz & Jordan 4:45pm 5:16pm
Preslee Evans 5:00pm 5:24pm
Jessica W. Kreitzer 5:00pm 5:32pm

**In addition, all contestants must return at 6:00 pm for a quick curtain call and Finale rehearsal.

Is this a dress rehearsal?

No, you may wear whatever you want. This rehearsal will be to check your performance, but you will not complete your entire number. There will also not be time for any repeat practice. This eight minute rehearsal is for the producer and technical stage workers to finalize everything to make you look fantastic; again, with lighting, sound, stage placement, design, etc.

What if I want things a certain way onstage?

You are required to submit a technical preferences email to by Wednesday, January 6th, at 3:00pm.

This email must include the following details about your performance:

  • Name of your act or performer?
  • Title of your piece?
  • Type of talent (vocal, dance, piano, etc)
  • How would you describe the mood of your piece (sad, happy, emotional, high-energy, heavy or dark etc.)
  • Costume description?
  • Costume color?
  • Will you need a piano? (Y or N)
  • Will you use mics? ( Y or N)
  • How many mics?
  • What type of mic do you prefer? (hand-held cordless, headset, lavalier)
  • Will you need mic stands? (Y or N)
  • How many stands?
  • Will you use props? (Y or N) (Describe your props in detail

Remember the time constraint for anything to be put on or off the stage for your performance must be less than 35 seconds. The show producer will make the final decision, but will take into consideration your preferences. Trust the show producers to make you look REALLY good!!

Now that I am in the show, how long is my performance time?

Your performance time must be no longer than two minutes. You may cut your music to less than that, but will be disqualified at 2:01. Many of the performances will be timed at the technical rehearsal, and a DGT staff member will also be timing at the show.

How is the judging decided?

There are two categories; contestants whose ages range up to 17 and those 18 and above. Odd contestant numbers identify the younger category and even contestant numbers designate the older category. Judges’ combined with audience votes, determine the DGT winners. The voting process will be explained by the MC and posted on screen so the audience understands exactly how to vote on their phones. Obviously, this means that you should try to get as many friends, relatives, colleagues, neighbors, and any one else you can think of, to buy tickets and come and support you!

Tickets are on sale now, and once January hits, this show sells out every year! So text everyone you’ve ever known to get their tickets at or call the Cox Box Office at 435-652-7800. The importance of two categories is essential, because the audience will be required to vote from BOTH categories. That way, your friends will be required to vote for the best performer from the other category also, in addition to the one you are in.

Do the judge’s votes carry the same weight as the audience?

To maintain the integrity of the talent, and in recognition that the judges are highly skilled professionals, they do have a slight percentage edge over audience votes. Judges have 60% and audience 40%.

May I change my mind and pick a different song to perform after the technical request and music submission?

No, January 6th at 3:00 pm is the deadline. No changes may be made after that date.

How do I submit my music?

Your music must be submitted through email, to It must be trimmed down to no longer than two minutes (performance time), and the subject line must say, music submission, with your first and last name. You may trim your music to less than two minutes, but will be disqualified at 2:01. You may create a mix or combination of music, but again lasting no longer than 2:00. Remember when you are trimming your music, do not waste precious seconds on lengthy intro music. Make sure the part of the song that shows off your strongest talent is featured within your time frame. Again, this music submission deadline is January 6th at 3:00 pm. If you need assistance with this, send an email a week prior, to the same address, with your request.

What is the program order? When do I perform?

The program order is as follows:

  1. Jayden Wright
  2. Sunday Best Jazz Band
  3. Gem Hersh and Sam Payton
  4. Amber Haws
  5. Marlie Root
  6. Connor and Dale
  7. Sarah Birch
  8. Jason Johnson
  9. Carson Drawe
  10. Kolton Young
  11. Ivan Odom
  12. Haven Sunderlund
  13. Eminence
  14. Nate and Mallory Myers
  15. Autumn Best
  16. Meg M. Nelson
  17. Ayla VanLehn
  18. Liz and Jordan Sharp
  19. Preslee Evans
  20. Jessica W. Kreitzer

Do I have a new contestant number now?

Yes, your audition contestant number has been replaced with your show contestant number.

Do I have to pick a third number for the show, different from my first and second audition number?

No, you don’t. You may, if desired, and remember that two of the seven judges are returning and have seen both of your previous auditions, so you may win points with them if you prepare a third number, but it is not mandatory. You won your spot here in DGT 2016 by your performances in the first two auditions. If you’re deciding which one of those to use, a good barometer is, which one moves the hearts of my listeners more? Which one will the audience go home humming? Which one will they remember most? After twenty performers, the voting begins. How will my number stand out from the other twenty and be remembered?

May I add singing to my dancing performance?

No, you may not substantially change your performance for the Finale Show. In other words, if your auditions were solo singing, you cannot switch to dancing. You cannot add backup dancers if you auditioned as a solo dancer. You have to have your finale performance be essentially the same as your auditions. You can change your number choice, but not change the talent you were selected for in your previous auditions.

How do I win DGT 2016?

You are performing for exactly two minutes! Your talent got you in the show, but now, the judges need to see stage presence, and ease onstage. Be comfortable! If you are singing into the mic don’t be glued to one spot, interact with your audience through your body language. Move; express your feeling for your number through your facial expressions and body. Portray confidence, enthusiasm and positive energy. Of course, apply this advice to your talent. Certainly if you are playing the piano, you cannot do several of those things listed above, but you can walk in with confidence, smile at the audience, and make sure your body is angled towards them, not straight ahead, as you walk on stage. This portrays openness, friendliness, and enthusiasm.

What is the prize awarded for the winners this year?

The biggest prize is earning the title of DGT winner! With that honor, you will be invited to perform throughout the year at various venues. The first place winners in each age category receive $500 and the runners up in each category win $300.

You also have the satisfaction of contributing to a very worthy cause with your talent. Every dollar that is raised through ticket sales helps people who would not be able to acquire an education without scholarship assistance. That’s why DGT was created; to bless lives of need-based individuals so that they can dramatically improve their situations.

What should I select for my costume?

Make it a good hair day! Look really good and wear something that helps convey the emotion and feeling of your performance. Looking nice is a big part of your overall affect on the judges and audience. Your appearance sets the first impression. It completes your talent, and establishes the tone and feeling you are trying to convey. If you are singing opera, a tuxedo is a much better choice than jeans and a cowboy hat. Think of the whole package and make sure it is harmonious.

Do current popular songs impress the judges most?

Don’t pick a song to perform because you think that song in particular will impress the judges. Rather, pick a song that moves your soul, shows off your unique talent, and which you LOVE to sing! Judges and audiences can see that passion only IF you really feel it.

Should I pick a song for the show that is very difficult and impressive?

Many people sing well. Few people have truly distinctive voices. If you have a beautiful voice, pick a song that reflects it best. Make sure the music is in your range, that you are comfortable singing it, that it demonstrates your unique ability. Do not try to tackle something brand new to you now. Pick something that is another go-to number that you pull out whenever you are invited to display your talent. If you have a question, ask your Grandma or a close friend you trust to tell you another winner in your repertoire. Do not try to sound like _____________ or be_________________, instead……….. be your best YOU!

Will I have an advantage if I write my own song for the show?

Many people incorrectly assume that they will get huge extra points by the judges if they write their own song to perform for an audition. In fact, an original song only helps if it is a phenomenal song. If you sing a familiar song with phenomenal passion and a beautiful comfortable voice, it will buy more with the judges than an original song performed in a forgettable or mediocre way. Remember, the producer is putting together a great show and audiences love to hum along to songs they’ve heard before!

GOOD LUCK!! YOU are privileged to be part of the best DGT ever!!!