Frequently Asked Questions (Callbacks)

Frequently Asked Questions (Callbacks)


Congratulations on making it this far! Great job! Callbacks will be held Saturday morning on November 19, 2016. We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help you be better prepared for callbacks as they will be slightly different than auditions were.

You will check-in at the front table, then directed down the hallway into a classroom where you will have your photo taken, and will be interviewed. The questions are listed below in the Frequently Asked Questions section of this webpage so you can be prepared to respond. This interview is video recorded and if you are selected as a finalist, will be used as part of your introduction in the finale performance.

Callback Scheduled Time:


Callback Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is the second audition held?

Same location. The callback audition is held on the main stage at the Eccles Fine Arts Center, located on the corner of 100 S 700 E in Saint George, Utah. You should arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled audition time.

What is the date?

Callback audition: November 19th 2016 – 8:45am to 1:00pm

If I make it past this audition, when is the Finale show?

Dixie’s Got Talent Finale Performance is January 21st, 2016 at 7:00 pm and usually goes until 9:00 pm. If you make it past this second audition to the show, you must be available for part of that day, in addition to the evening. There will be a stage rehearsal with the producer in the morning. Time TBA. You will not need to perform your entire number or wear the clothes you will wear for the show. You just need to be onstage for a sound check and stage design check. Make sure you can make those commitments before you attend second audition.

Do I need to schedule my callback audition time?

No, your audition time is assigned for you and is listed on the table above.

What if I can’t make my assigned callback audition time?

Our time availability is based on the professional judges’ time constraints, so make every effort to come at your scheduled time. If it is absolutely impossible to make that time, contact us at and we will try to help you. However, we cannot guarantee another time option.

What do I have to do at this second audition?

Now that it is possible you may be in DGT 2017, we need to acquire a photo of you for publicity purposes, and a video interview that will be used as part of the show if you are selected as a finalist.

What are the questions I will need to answer in the video?

The following are the questions you will need to respond to at the second audition. Think through them in advance. We want to see your personality and passion for your talent in your response. It will be part of the show, so say something that your friends will think is so awesome (witty, funny, powerful, sincere, emotional, genuine, and shows us YOU)

How did you first acquire your passion for ___________________(your talent)

Describe a time when you performed________________(your talent) that convinced you to become________________________

Describe the high point in your performing career to this point.

Who is the wind beneath your wings encouraging you to develop ______________ (your talent)

Please watch this sample video to help you better be prepared:

What should I wear for my second audition?

You will be photographed. This picture will be in the newspaper and used in our marketing efforts. Make it a good hair day! Look really good and wear something that helps convey the emotion and feeling of your performance. Looking nice is a big part of your performance. It affects the judges, and completes your talent. Again, think of this second audition as a 90 second performance!

Now that I made it to second audition, how can I make DGT!

Prepare as if this audition IS DGT 2017. You are performing for 90 seconds! Use every second to showcase your best talent. We are looking for people who will be great in a SHOW. Your talent got you to second audition, but now, we need to see stage presence, and ease onstage. We don’t want you to look like a deer in the headlights! In sports vernacular, if you make it to the end zone, don’t act like you’ve never been there before! Be comfortable! If you are singing into the mic don’t be glued to one spot, interact with your audience through your body language. Move; express your feeling for your number through your facial expressions and body. Portray confidence, enthusiasm and positive energy. Of course, apply this advice to your talent. Certainly if you are playing the piano, you cannot do several of those things listed above, but you can walk in with confidence, smile at the audience, announce your number and let them see your personality.

What selection should I pick for my second audition?

You must pick a different selection than you used for your first audition. Don’t use the first quarter of your 90 seconds with intro music. If you do, you are missing precious time standing there. Pick something that shows the best of your talents within the time frame. So if you have a fabulous number that is your go-to performance, but three minutes long, rework it to show the best 90 seconds of the entire number for the judges.

Why can’t I perform the same number as my first audition?

There are some judges who attend every audition. They look for a different number, but remember, the demonstration of your talent was great the first time you auditioned, so don’t try to come up with something totally outside of your formula that won a place for you here at the callback audition. For instance, if you got to second audition with a classical number, do not feel pressured to switch to country.

Should I pick a second song that is very difficult and impressive?

Many people sing well. Few people have truly distinctive voices. If you have a beautiful voice, pick a song that reflects it best. Make sure the music is in your range, that you are comfortable singing it, that it demonstrates your unique ability. Do not try to tackle something brand new to you now. Pick something that is another go-to number that you pull out whenever you are invited to display your talent. If you have a question, ask your Grandma or a close friend you trust to tell you another winner in your repertoire. Do not try to sound like _____________ or be_________________, instead be your best YOU!

How much time do I have for my audition this time?

You have 90 seconds! Exactly, just the same as your first audition. Whatever you do, make every second count!

I didn’t pay my audition fee at first audition. Can I now?

Yes, we have a record of those few that did not have cash or credit card with them at first audition. The audition fee must be paid at next audition to move forward to the show. If you are a group be sure you paid your $40 audition fee, it is only $10 for 1-9 people.

Can I audition acapella?

No, accompaniment is a requirement! You may bring a CD with your accompaniment, or live instrumental accompaniment. (piano, guitar, flute, ukulele, etc.), or a digital device (iPhone, iPod, mp3 player, etc.). In fact we recommend both to ensure a backup in case of technical difficulties.

How will I know where to go when I arrive?

As at the last audition, there will be a sign-in table in the Southeast corner of the Eccles building main hallway. After you sign in, you will be shown where to line up in the hallway outside the stage.

What is provided onstage for my audition?

There will be a piano, a stool and three mics onstage for your use. Again, there will be two stage assistants to help set up your stage.

I need the whole stage for my talent with nothing on it.

Unfortunately, the grand piano has to be complete disassembled to move it offstage, so it needs to remain onstage. It can be moved to wherever you would like to accommodate space for your talent but not removed from the stage.

Where should I put my CD?

Your CD or digital device will be taken by the hall monitor who will see that it gets upstairs to the sound booth and returned to you.

How will I know when my 90 seconds is up?

There will be an official timer in the audience. When you reach your time limit, their hand will raise and you must end. So practice and prepare for a perfect 90 seconds,

Will there be someone who will help move my instrument?

Two stage assistants are provided. They will help you move the piano and instruments on and off stage.

What additional responsibilities will I have if I win?

All contestants in DGT need to understand that this endeavor is about getting artistic exposure, creating a venue to display local talent, and providing a fabulous showcase of the best talent of Southern Utah for our community. However the most important reason to be involved is because everything about DGT is to raise money for need-based scholarships for students at Dixie, without which they could not acquire an education.

What do I have to do to assist in the fundraising of DGT?

Invite everyone you have ever known to come and watch you perform at the Finale! Build a huge fan base that will come and support you. Each ticket bought from your friend or supporter will benefit you! The judges AND the voting audience determine the winners of Dixie’s Got Talent.

Can my family/friends watch my audition?

Yes, they are welcome, however be mindful of the fact that it is an audition. They only get to see you for 90 seconds. Applause is allowed, but absolutely no noise during the audition! A donation card is available for those who attend as desired. Remember, every dollar we raise goes directly to scholarships for need-based students..

Will I have to wait a long time for my audition?

No, you should arrive 30 minutes early, but the auditions usually run right on schedule. You will be interviewed & your photo will be taken so we need to plan accordingly.

Do I need to introduce myself onstage?

When you are told to walk onstage, be aware of keeping your body in a forward positive movement, with your eyes on the judges. Do not shuffle, swagger, slouch or mumble as you introduce yourself. Clearly announce your name, the number you are performing, and begin.

I have multiple talents. Which should I do?

If you sing and play the piano, but your singing is better than playing the piano, make sure your singing does not get overshadowed by your playing. If your voice is your strength, select piano accompaniment that allows it to be prominent and not an afterthought. Accompaniment should allow the voice to be front and center, enhanced by music.

May I bring props and other devices onstage for my audition?

You may bring anything onstage you need. The only restriction is open flames and again, the 45-second setup restriction.

Do current popular songs impress the judges most?

Don’t pick a song to perform because you think that song in particular will impress the judges. Rather, pick a song that moves your soul, shows off your unique talent, and which you LOVE to sing! Judges and audiences can see that passion only IF you really feel it.

Will I have an advantage if I write my own song for callbacks?

Many people incorrectly assume that they will get huge extra points by the judges if they write their own song to perform for an audition. In fact, an original song only helps if it is a phenomenal song. If you sing a familiar song with phenomenal passion and a beautiful comfortable voice, it will buy more with the judges than an original song performed in a forgettable or mediocre way. Remember, the producer is putting together a great show and audiences love to hum along to songs they’ve heard before!

Good luck! We hope to see you as part of DGT 2017!!