Frequently Asked Questions (Auditions)

Frequently Asked Questions (Auditions)

Frequently Asked Questions about Dixie’s Got Talent Auditions

Both auditions are held on the main stage at the Eccles Fine arts Center, located on the corner of 100 S 700 E in Saint George, Utah. You should arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled audition time. Walk-ins will only be accepted as time-slots become available based upon cancellations.

Open round auditions: November 5, 2016
Callback auditions: November 19, 2016
Dixie’s Got Talent Finale Performance: January 19, 2017

What is provided onstage for my audition?

There will be a piano, a stool and three mics onstage for your use.

How much time do I have for my audition?

You have 90 seconds! Exactly. Whatever you do, make the first few seconds’ count!

Is there a charge to audition?

There is an application cost for auditions; $10 for small groups (1-9 people), and $40 for groups with 10 or more people. This must be paid upon audition check-in. Cash and credit cards will be accepted. This charge is to cover the cost of the venue and stage expenses.

What selection should I pick for my audition?

Pick something that shows the best of your talents within the time frame. So if you have a fabulous number that is your go-to performance, but three minutes long, rework it to show the best 90 seconds of the entire number for the judges.

Can I audition acapella?

Accompaniment is a requirement. You may bring a CD with your accompaniment, or live instrumental accompaniment. (piano, guitar, flute, ukulele, etc.), or a digital device (iPhone, iPod, mp3 player, etc.). In fact we recommend both to ensure a backup in case of technical difficulties.

How will I know where to go when I arrive?

There will be a sign-in table in the Southeast corner of the Eccles building main hallway. After you sign in, you will be shown where to line up in the hallway outside the stage.

Where should I put my CD?

Your CD or digital device will be taken by the hall monitor who will see that it gets upstairs to the sound booth and returned to you.

How will I know when my 90 seconds is up?

There will be an official timer in the audience. When you reach your time limit, their hand will raise and you must end. So practice and prepare for a perfect 90 seconds,

Will there be someone who will help move my instrument?

Simple stage assistance is provided. They will help you move the piano and instruments on stage.

When will I know the result of my first audition?

The judges meet and make their decision right after auditions. You will be notified by Monday November 9th by 2:00 pm. The same list will be sent to all contestants listing those who are moving forward to the callback audition November 21st. If you have moved to the second round audition, you will receive another information page. Those selected will also be posted on Facebook at Dixie’s Got Talent.

If I proceed to the next audition, can I perform the same number?

You cannot perform the same number for callback audition that you selected for open round audition. The judges must see two numbers. For the finale you may choose a new number or one of your previous two audition numbers. Remember, the demonstration of your talent was great the first time you auditioned, so don’t try to come up with something totally outside of your winning formula. For instance, don’t win the first audition with a familiar Broadway tune and then switch to classical opera for the next one; rather, a familiar Broadway tune from a different show.

What additional responsibilities will I have if I win?

All contestants in DGT need to understand that this endeavor is about getting artistic exposure, creating a venue to display local talent, and providing a fabulous showcase of the best talent of Southern Utah for our community. However the most important reason to be involved is because everything about DGT is to raise money for need-based scholarships for students at Dixie, without which they could not acquire an education.

What do I have to do to assist in the fundraising of DGT?

Invite everyone you have ever known to come and watch you perform! Build a huge fan base that will come and support you. Each ticket bought from your friend or supporter will benefit you! The judges AND the voting audience determine the winners of Dixie’s Got Talent.

Can my family/friend watch my audition?

Yes, they are welcome, however be mindful of the fact that it is an audition, not a performance. A donation card is available for those who attend as desired. Remember, every dollar we raise goes directly to scholarships for need-based students..

Will I have to wait a long time during my audition?

No, you should arrive 30 minutes early, but the auditions usually run right on schedule.

What if a conflict arrives and I am late to my audition?

If you arrive after your scheduled time, and the judges have moved beyond, you will have to wait until a spot becomes available.

What should I wear to my audition?

Dress the part – even for your audition. Select clothing that contributes to the total impression you are trying to achieve which should enhance and contribute to your talent.

How can I impress the judges?

From the moment you walk onstage, you are being judged. The first impression you convey through your smile, your confidence, and your body language is very important! All of it matters. Your performing talent is vital but the whole package is necessary.

Do I need to introduce myself onstage?

When you are told to walk onstage, be aware of keeping your body in a forward positive movement, with your eyes on the judges. Do not shuffle, swagger, slouch or mumble as you introduce yourself. Clearly announce your name, the number you are performing, and begin.

I have multiple talents. Which should I do?

Choose the talent that is your best. If you have a question about that, ask people you trust to be honest with you and tell you which one. If you sing and play the piano, but your singing is better than playing the piano, make sure your singing does not get overshadowed by your playing. If your voice is your strength, select accompaniment that allows it to be prominent and not an afterthought.

I am auditioning with a large group of dancers. Do we each have to sign up individually?

We will need the names of all of the members of your group and have a image release for each member, but one contact person should be designated for the group for information and correspondence from DGT.

My band takes forever to set up. Who can help?

All bands will be required to submit a 2-3 minute URL of a YouTube video of their band audition to

What is the difference between a band and my accompaniment?

A band is anything that takes longer than 45 seconds to set up on stage. The audition slots are three minutes apart with 90 seconds to perform. So your setup and takedown can take no longer than 45 seconds each. If your band is set up on a rolling platform and you can get it on stage in 45 seconds, you are good. If not, submit your YouTube video.

May I bring props and other devices onstage for my audition?

You may bring anything onstage you need. The only restriction is no open flames and again, the 45-second setup restriction.

My talent is a little unusual. Is there a place for me?

The show producers are putting together a variety show, looking for a diverse combination of talent. Many varied art forms make an exciting show. So if you have an unusual talent like exceptional juggling, violin, parkour, piano, interpretive dance, classical opera, yodeling, or a family brass trio, all are welcome.

Should I pick a song that is very difficult and impressive?

Many people sing well. Few people have truly distinctive voices. If you have a beautiful voice, pick a song that reflects it best. Make sure the music is in your range, that you are comfortable singing it, that it demonstrates your unique ability.

Do current popular songs impress the judges most?

Don’t pick a song to perform because you think that song in particular will impress the judges. Rather, pick a song that moves your soul, shows off your unique talent, and which you LOVE to sing! Judges and audiences can see that passion only IF you really feel it.

I write my own music. Will that help me with the judges?

Many people incorrectly assume that they will get huge extra points by the judges if they write their own song to perform for an audition. In fact, an original song only helps if it is a phenomenal song. If you sing a familiar song with phenomenal passion and a beautiful comfortable voice, it will buy more with the judges than an original song performed in a forgettable or mediocre way.

I’ve tried out for DGT before. Can I again?

Yes, you are welcome to audition multiple times! Your previous audition will not affect your current audition in any way. If, however, you have been the first place winner of DGT, you may not try out again. You are forever a winner of DGT! All finalists may audition again. Second and third place winners must sit out a year, and then are eligible to audition again.