Council and Positions

Council and Positions

DSU Student Alumni Board Leadership Positions

SAA Weekly Hours: Vice Presidents=5 hours minimum; Directors=2.5 hours minimum.

President of Student Alumni – is the Chief Executive Officer for the Student Alumni Association. The SAA President also is the chair of the SAA Executive Council and is responsible for assisting and guiding the Vice Presidents in their individual responsibilities. The SAA President oversees all Student Alumni functions including leadership trainings, retreats, and conducts weekly correlation meetings. The SAA President, along with the SAA Executive Council, oversees the SAA Council in guiding the Student Alumni Association.

Administrative Assistant (AA) – maintains workflow by providing agendas and taking minutes at weekly SAA Correlation Meetings. The AA maintains communication with the entire SAA Council. They have set hours to assist in assigned tasks and to maintain and stock office supplies and snacks. The AA also seeks out and plans one service project each semester (October & March). Additional administrative duties include preparing council binders, maintain SAA Google calendar, end of year scrapbook (Photo Album – 25 per semester), assisting the SAA President in monthly council awards/recognition (Member of the Month & Extra Miler) and ensuring SAA office hours and office cleaning are scheduled to all council members. AA manages all contact information for council members and birthday recognition. AA also prepares binders for all council members prior to the beginning of each semester. (ie. During summer for fall, during fall break for spring).

Alumni Relations Vice President & Director– is responsible for creating, organizing, and planning events that will connect alumni and students. The Alumni Relations Vice President (VP) holds a position on the SAA Executive Council. Alumni Relations is essential in planning events taking place during Homecoming and D-week and working closely with the Alumni Director and Alumni Board. Seeking out opportunities that will connect Alumni to current students is essential when planning these events, using creativity in creating these opportunities is strongly encouraged. The Alumni Relations VP is responsible in correlating efforts with Alumni Relations and Advancement Director, ensuring that fundraising events are taking place and giving aid whenever possible. All events listed are traditional based events. You are strongly encouraged to come up with more ideas of ways to create new traditional events. Also leads the production of Featured Alumni Spotlight videos under the direction of the Alumni Marketing Director or Specialist.

Alumni Relations: Advancement Director – works alongside the Alumni Relations Vice President and Director. The Advancement Director is the ideal position for networking and seeking opportunities to raise funds for needs based scholarships and the Student Alumni Association. This is a fun position since it allows creativity to be used while planning fundraiser events and getting students and alumni involved. Constantly seek out opportunities to hold fundraisers, with a minimum of 2 per semester. Fall fundraisers are held in September and November. Spring fundraisers are held in February and April. Additional fundraisers can be held outside of these months. Be creative and have fun.

Community Affairs Vice President and Director – are responsible to create and provide networking opportunities, career searching, and resume building between the local community and students. In order to reach these goals, the VP and Director work together in planning and organizing events that will bring the community and students together and provide networking opportunities. Events include but are not limited to the annual Midnight 5k, Dixie’s Got Talent auditions & production, etc. Also leads the production of Featured Alumni Spotlight videos under the direction of the Alumni Marketing Director or Specialist. VP is also a member of the Executive Council.

Graphic Design Vice President and Director – are responsible for creating, organizing, and assisting the SAA Council by providing artwork designed to event specifications. Coordinates with all VP’s to design event artwork and programs. After artwork is completed contacts Public Relations VP to provide final proofs for distribution. Creativity in the designs is highly recommended. The Graphic Design Department is a sub branch of the SAA Public Relations Department and works under the direction of the Public Relations VP.

Public Relations Vice President – is over all marketing efforts for SAA. This includes promoting, encouraging, and building the SAA programs through social media as well as providing support and assistance to all other positions. The Public Relations VP helps maintain branding throughout all SAA promotions, oversees campus and community announcements and promotes attendance through contests etc. The Public Relations VP oversees the on goings of the Graphic Design Department and holds weekly meetings to coordinate efforts. Also holds a position on the Executive Board.

Student Relations Vice President and Director – are responsible for creating, organizing, and planning student activities that will strengthen student affinity toward Dixie while involving Alumni. This is critical to help students develop and have a desire for post-graduation involvement as alumni. The SR also assist in Dixie’s Got Talent auditions, holding the World Record Breaking Event, Dixie’s Birthday Party, etc. Also oversees the traditions book and ensuring all aspects are being done correctly. The VP is also a member of the Executive Council.


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