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Dixie State University (DSU) Alumni Association strives to promote the welfare, progress and development of Dixie State University. We exist to preserve and promote the Dixie Spirit throughout the community and the world.


It’s purpose is to support the students, the faculty, and the administration of Dixie State University in all of their beneficial and progressive activities and to give aid and to do all things necessary to involve the Dixie State University Alumni by keeping them informed and maintaining a helpful and well organized association.


The Alumni Association has been organized since 1920-21 when Henry J. Miles was chosen to be the President. A very capable president, A. Karl Larson, followed the next two years. The two were elected while in their graduating years at Dixie. The tradition has continued today. Hal Hiatt currently serves as the Alumni President with over 40,000 members spread throughout the United States and abroad.

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There are several ways to get involved with Dixie State University. From assisting the Alumni Association in your local chapter’s event, to volunteering at DSU, there is a place for everyone! For more information and to get in touch with us, click the button below!

Alumni Board

Dixie State offers many opportunities for alumni to stay connected to the campus.

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The purpose of the DSU Student Alumni Association (SAA) is to enable students to make the most of their experience at Dixie State University.

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